Ralph Frefat (Hamburg, Germany).

Digital Games, Media & Entertainment veteran. Retail, Mobile, Online, Freemium - with branch leaders only.

Marketing, Licensing, Sales, BizDev, Business Intelligence, Product & Corporate Strategy.

After finishing his studies of Business Administration and before engaging himself with the media industry Frefat held a position as a consultant for a leading business consultancy. Later on he was responsible for multi-million marketing-campaigns, licensing global brands and products, the closure of international collaboration contracts with media corporations, generating up to a quarter of his employer’s total revenues. Frefat conceived the most successful product of one of his employers and lead entire portfolios of prestigious 3rd parties. With several teams he created prototypes including the world’s very first interactive fitness trainer product for video-game consoles, developed business plans and market(ing) strategies.

Frefat can be met and experienced frequently as speaker and participant of panels at numerous international fairs and events. On a number of occasions he executed the position as external consultant in the corporate field as well as in the start-up areas.